Puke Wolf play emotional post-hardcore using their music to vent frustrations and aversions for our modern, heartless society. Hopefully the audience can and will partake too. They are a part of it whether it is on a stage or a record. It is indeed meant to be a cathartic experience.

The trio doesn’t have a front figure since all three members contribute with vocals that range from roaring and angry to piercing and lamenting. The music can oftentimes seem chaotic and uncontrollable, but in the midst of the storm there will always be a melodic or rhythmic anchor to keep the listener grounded. Melancholy will always be at the center – wear your heart on your sleeve – it’s okay if it hurts.

In 2019 Puke Wolf released their first EP Everything From Nothing which they followed up with a range of shows with Demersal, Hiraki, Regarding Ambiguity and LLNN among others. In the meantime the band has been working on their next album, spending time in the studio to explore their sounds and create an album that portrays the recent years, both on a personal and universal level. The record is slated to be released in spring 2022 with labels Dingleberry Records, 5feetunder and Jean Scene Creamers.

Travelling party: 3
Travelling from Aarhus, DK